Ed. 022 OKR vs KPI, FIGHT!

Use OKRs and KPIs Push Organization Direction

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the tl;dr

We’re doing something a bit different for a while. We’ll be using tl;dr to summarize topics. I’ve been getting feedback that information needs to be distilled further and be more succinct. tl;dr stands for “too long; didn’t read.” You’re welcome. I just saved you a bunch of time.

What’s the Diff: OKRs vs KPIs

tl;dr - If you want to improve the overall direction of your initiatives, OKRs are probably the best choice. If you need to improve the performance of a feature, plan, or product, check your KPIs.

Essential leadership skills for project managers

tl;dr - There’s a gigantic scope of perspective and mental model that establish how much leadership a program manager has. Hint, hint, think long-term, and more strategic.

The New 2020 Scrum Guide

tl;dr - There’s way more emphasis on Product-centricity and it’s all about the why and instead of the how.

AI to Take Notes For You

tl;dr - You’re lazy. Admit it, so am I. This AI tool takes notes for you so you can focus better and not have to worry so much about transcribing. My only fear is that it will pick up my inner monologues during meetings—how embarrassing.

Spotify Added “Stories” and They’re Useless

tl;dr - Spotify added a new feature called Stories similar to the Facebook and Instagram Feed. Program Managers should understand when a feature or product probably shouldn’t exist.

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