Ed. 024 Design Systems Make Future Products

Crushing projects and programs isn't the only thing that matters. They roll up into a larger system of coordinated strategic efforts.

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The tl;dr — We use tl;dr to summarize topics and stands for “too long; didn’t read.” 

Design Systems Revolution and How to Adapt

tl;dr - Design systems are a company-wide central repository for product ideas and building patterns to ideate, build, and ship products/features faster. Program Managers should uplift and enable this effort through execution and strategy.

The 10 Attitudes of Outstanding Product Owners

tl;dr - You’re not just a program manager. You’re also a product owner. Priority over deadlines and stakeholder alignment over happiness.

Surfing towards achieving product outcomes using Portfolio Kanban

tl;dr - I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: outcome over deliverables. Portfolio Kanban tries to move away from backlogs and define them as options to commit to.

An Unorthodox Approach To Database Design: The Coming Of The Shard

tl;dr - Don’t throw more resources at a server to handle a larger database, shard the data instead.

Top 3 Project Management Challenges In 2020

tl;dr - People and project problems make up a bulk of the problems. However, the easiest value gain for the lowest value, in my opinion, is improving the Personal Skills they list.

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