Ed. 025 What I learnt Speaking to 50 Product Managers

Turns out it's a lot. A lot of talking, a whole lot of talking.

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What I learnt Speaking to 50 Product Managers

tl;dr - Surprisingly, aside from writing large amounts of PRDs and prototyping, their responsibilities see some overlap with PGMs. Learning more of what they do may help you interface and work with them better.

Design Thinking for Project Management

tl;dr - Don’t just take the obvious approach. New problems with new products require unconventional solutions. You’re not just a PGM, you’re also part designer. Don’t try and deny it.


tl;dr - This question gets asked a lot in TPM interviews. I was asked this twice during my interview process. Might as well learn it now.

Smartsheet’s take on Program Management

tl;dr - A bit on the conventional side, but it’s good to know how it’s defined at a company that makes tools almost exclusively for project and program managers.

Do you have what it takes to be a TPM?

tl;dr - Well, do you? Of course, you do! Take a look at this short and concise overview with details surrounding the ever-expanding and evolving role of a project/program manager.

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