Ed. 026 Stakeholder Management is the Worst

Yeah, you read that correctly. Change my mind. It's the worst part of program management. Also, it's likely the most important.

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Intro the Stakeholder Management

tl;dr - A critical piece of program/project management is managing those involved. It’s a lot of work, just like herding cats. Luckily there are well-understood tools you can use.

I was asked to design a new feature for slack as part of an interview

tl;dr - Interviews are becoming more product-centric. Questions and thought exercises revolve heavily around customer focus and empathy. Program managers are now required to have

Case Study: How I designed an $83k revenue MVP in just 4 days

tl;dr - It’s not all just program/project planning. Sometimes you’ll just have to do it yourself and run the whole cycle yourself. The author goes through an entire process of product and feature optimization and quick testing that resulted in increased revevenue.

The Agile Crisis

tl;dr - You’re doing Agile wrong. Many project managers keep trying to bring the same principles of project management into Agile values and methodology. They weren’t meant to deliver your projects. It was meant to bridge the gap between development and management.

Citizen Development is Just Shadow IT?

tl;dr - New SaaS automation software and no-code applications are becoming more full-featured and is democratizing knowledge and skills that was once only wielded by technical people. Now, the lowly marketer or analyst can use automation tools. This presents a challenge to existing IT and infrastructure teams as they grapple with the possible scale and security of citizen apps.

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