Ed 027 What Makes a Great API?

Forget brittle point to point, build APIs instead

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What Makes a Great API?

tl;dr - Straight from the Stack Overflow podcast, learn about what makes a great API and how they act as one of the key building blocks of full-featured products.

Scrum Ain’t Perfect

tl;dr - Hey, the PMP ain’t perfect either. Learn more about some of the unmentioned weaknesses of Scrum. Psst, it’s people leadership that they don’t teach you.

Top 3 Project Management Challenges for 2021

tl;dr - People management and managing remote teams turn out to be one of the biggest obstacles for PMs and PGMs. In my opinion, that’s every year though.

Driving Innovation in Large Organizations

tl;dr - You’re not just some tiny cog in a giant machine, you know. This article thoughtfully details some of the ways you can drive innovation. Hint: think product and customer-centric.

Managing Sloppy Teams

tl;dr - Feeling disconnected? Remote work making it harder to manage teams? You’re not alone. The Digital Project manager has a video detailing the obstacles of sloppy teams.

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