Ed 028 Agile management for hardware product development ain't easy

Hardware is hard. No joke, "Hard" is literally in the name

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Agile management for hardware product development in a nutshell

tl;dr - Agile ain’t just for software. It’s useful in hardware development also. Too often hardware gets bogged down in endless test phases. Demonstration of value is key in pushing forward.

The worst arguments for building a new feature

tl;dr - We’ve all done this. most of your ideas for a new product feature is awful and you’re distracted by the competitors’ own features. No customer or stakeholder is more important than a great product and the rest of its users.

Anatomy of a Product Disaster: Quibi

tl;dr -Heed this as a lesson for all of you. A SWOT analysis is critical for any new product, feature, or solution you’re proposing.

Why Scrum Masters shouldn’t be coaching Product Owners

tl;dr - I’ve seen this a lot lately. Scrum and Agile coaches attempting to coach Product Managers on how to do… well, Product Management. Stay in your swim lane. Agile coaches and scrum masters should simply ensure the value is delivered.

The Direct Report’s Guide to Meaningful One-on-Ones

tl;dr - I hope everyone here gets regular and meaningful one-on-ones with their manager. If not, leave. I’m serious. The article outlines an in-depth guide to having productive meetings with your manager.

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