Ed 029 You need more than just technical chops

Think you're clever because you know AWS and high-availability architectures like the back of your hand?

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6 “Non-Technical” Qualities of Great Software Engineers

tl;dr - These qualities aren’t limited to just SWEs. They frankly work well for anyone and should be mandatory to develop and refine—especially the “being a nice person“ quality.

Product Management Mental Models for Everyone

tl;dr - Seeing a pattern in this edition? These skills and perspectives aren’t just limited to PMs. You should learn how they think and why it’s important to be able to work with them effectively.

My Google Interview Experience

tl;dr - It wasn’t easy. Treat each of these interviews as practice. On average it takes about 4 - 6 interviews before someone gets a gig at Google.

Beating Ageism in Tech

tl;dr - Think you’ll be crushing meetings and using sheer grit to work hard at a tech company till you’re 50? You’re wrong. Ageism is real. Make sure to stay relevant or be phased out, or worse—automated.

Is Scrum Dying?

tl;dr - Depends. If the company keeps micro-managing then scrum isn’t as effective. Once the culture relinquishes control of the outcome (not deliverables) then scrum can thrive.

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