Ed 031: 80/20 is the new Half-Ass

You know that Pareto Principle everyone talks about? Yeah, it makes you lazy.

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80/20 is the new Half-Ass

tl;dr - The Pareto principle and distribution is making you lazy and you know it. You focus soooo much on that first 20% that people downplay the last 80%. That last 80% is the rote, boring, tedious, yet necessary stuff.

Whatever happened to Six Sigma?

tl;dr - Six sigma just ain’t what it used to be. What exactly happened? How’d it fall out of fashion? Simple, software drives process now and the USA is not manufacturing as many things.

Make Boring Plans

tl;dr - Plans with hope are bound to fail. I have doubts about this one, but I see its merits. The boring plans are the predictable ones with fewer risks.

6 Ways to Prevent Team Dysfunction

tl;dr - Look, I get it. Sometimes your teammates annoy you. That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to just stop being a leader.

Do Product Owners Know What VALUE Really Is?

tl;dr - Ever think that maybe your PMs are getting a little too obsessed with Scrum story points? Feels like they’re trying to deliver features in lieu of outcome. No bueno.

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