Ed 032: Ditch Programming at 35, become a Program Manager Instead

Face it, you're going to get old. Keep those skills up and prevent ageism

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When Do Programmers Retire?

tl;dr - The retirement age for developers is getting younger. Don’t carry technology baggage and always work on improving yourself. Or, you know, switch to management instead.

The Market Nerfed the Scrum Master — And Made It a Failing Role

tl;dr - The Scrum Master doesn’t solve problems. They’re supposed to guides problem-solving. They should act as a pillar of inspiration and change leadership and not just relegated to rote work.

What Is Product Strategy?

tl;dr - Program managers must think strategically. Learn from how Product managers do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again as many times as it needs to be said—outcome over delivery, dammit!

Eight Months at a Startup Taught Me Even More Than Two Years in an MBA

tl;dr - I don’t get it. I just don’t see the ROI. I’ve personally worked at 3 different startups and learned much more than what my friends’ MBA curriculum could have taught. Think twice before attending an expensive MBA program.

Ditch your roadmap for a product landscape

tl;dr - Here’s an alternate perspective. Maybe, you know, don’t build a road but perhaps a map instead? It’s not crazy and forces stakeholders to account for the unknown uknowns.

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